Mapping T2D and CVD

The Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) map provides insight into the impact of T2D with CVD in the Medicare population in the United States. The interactive map below allows you to investigate the prevalence of these diseases at the state-, county- and congressional district-level, explore the health burden associated with these diseases, and learn about their financial impact.

Here are some of the vast differences in health care utilization and health care costs between individuals diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes alone vs. those with Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease:

Compared to individuals with T2D alone...

The number of people with a hospitalization is 3.5X higher

Overall health care costs are $18,800 higher per person per year

Hospital and post-acute care costs are over 5.7X higher

The number of hospitalizations per 1000 people is 5.0X higher

...For individuals with T2D + CVD

Click for in depth information on the financial and resource impact of T2D and CVD

*Certain regions have an insufficient population sample size to determine values with any level of confidence.

Mapping T2D and CVD Reference

Leavitt Partners - Analysis of 2018 Medicare Claims Limited Data Sets, 2018. Salt Lake City, UT. Data Retrieved From

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